Food & Safety

In a pursuit to cater to our customers a wholesome, guilt-free munch-time experience, every flavour is handpicked and packet quality checked. Here is what goes into every packet of tasteful goodness before it reaches in your hands.

Truly Natural, Tastefully Wholesome

Geekay’s range of packaged snacks is a solution for the lack of options for an alternative and healthy snacking habit. Every ingredient is of the highest nutritional standards and made sure to be natural.

Absolutely No Synthetic Chemicals

Your indulgence should never come with a cost. Every product that comes out of our facility is natural and untreated by synthetic chemicals such as preservatives and additives.

Handpicked and Carefully Tested

Not every batch of Geekay’s packaged snacks finds its way to your hands. Every batch of our snacks are carefully sampled and individually tested to meet our quality, nutritional and taste standards.

Personally Supervised, Attentively Sorted

At our facility, we know the true essence of human supervision for every single batch of our products. Our personnel attentively sort and supervise every step of each process to ensure the highest of quality standards.

Clean Storage and Controlled Spaces

All products are prepared, stored and moved to meticulously screened and hygiene checked storage spaces.

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