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Our Story


No matter your eating habits, ARVEES INDIA “Geekay’s:  wayback range of packaged snacks is produced for every palette
and for any kind of snacktime indulgence.
Our products were launched keeping in mind the dietary requirements and health-conscious of
thousands of consumers who, in their pursuit for a healthier more natural snacking alternative,
always seem to run short. We believe that indulgence needs to be guilt-free, snacking should be healthy and the options plenty when it comes down to our customer’s munch-time happiness.
That is why every packet from ARVEES INDIA “Geekay’s” wayback  diet food recipe is of a hand-picked flavour with a blend of finger-licking goodness
Each packet that moves out of our facility is guaranteed to be cholesterol-free, oil-free, wholesome and high in protein for an overall natural snack and a super healthy alternative.

Be a part of our quest to a healthier, wholesome snacking experience.

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